The Open design studio [self-publishing] works on the implementation of a traditional and local production of eco-design products, promoting the human and environmental aspect. It provides Internet users with access to unique and exclusive objects, and strives to reduce manufacturing costs by focusing on short circuits.

Located in the Perche region, between Chartres and Le Mans (France). The creation and manufacture of the products are entirely carried out there, from the choice of wood to the finalization in order to ensure a follow-up of the specifications and a finish according to our requirements.

Always in search of a refined form, associated with a design and innovation approach, giving birth to unique and exclusive contemporary collections.

The wood used comes from sustainably managed local forests (PEFC - label which means that from the tree to the wood product, all stakeholders respect strict rules relating to sustainable development). The different species are cut in a local sawmill, about ten kilometers from the studio, renowned for its know-how.


The Open design studio strives to create objects with a refined design, whose manufacture is ecologically sustainable.